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The heated HydroWorx is a radically functional hydrotherapy pool with a moveable floor, underwater treadmill, resistance jet technology, and computer and camera systems to show performance and progress. We promise that your time in HydroWorx would be nothing short of amazing. We invite you to experience this coach-led full-body workout and see how the revolutionary power of water can help you hit and maintain your personal wellness goals.

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Transformative Testimonials on the
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I’m Pete Banaszak. I was a member of the Oakland Raiders for 13 years and a part of their Super Bowl winning team. When I arrived at Holbrook Life, I was suffering from extreme neuropathy of the leg. If you have ever had neuropathy, it’s very painful. When I got in the hydrotherapy pool, I had no pain. My pain really did disappear. I can do anything that I could do before. If you live in Atlanta, I strongly recommend you go over to Holbrook and see the benefits for yourself!” 

– Pete Banaszak, Holbrook Resident

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Listen to Pete Banaszak, Ex-NFL star and Holbrook resident, describe his amazing experience with Hydrotherapy at Holbrook!

Listen to Michael King’s Hydrotherapy at Holbrook Testimonial!


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